Sunday, 11 May 2014

Now that I am gone

You left your shoes
In the porch, outside the door
You left the upright Hoover
In the middle of the floor
The gate is open
I know you’re in
The car is in the driveway, waiting
I can’t see the cat or hear the dogs
Our house is so quiet now

Mi primera poema espaňola

Aquí el sol hace escondidos con la lluvia
Un momento sol
Un momento tormenta

Hay un viento que lleva puesta etiqueta

Y hay la primavera como un adolescente
Lúgubre, inseguro
Buscando sus límites
Para florecer
Para sembrar
Para dejar su rastro

© Bellaco 2014 'dedicado a OC'

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The Rock Heads

The Rock Heads & Mussenden Temple in the distance

The farm to which this poem relates is a mile to the West of the Mussenden Temple (main blog picture above) we called it  the Rock Heads.

They said you could see Scotland
On a clear day from the Rock Heads
I  saw a patchwork of fields
Where men and machines toiled  till dusk
And uncles told tales of the one that got away